That’s work in progress (WIP). I have a lot of these. Heck, I’m a WIP (but aren’t we all?). My WIPs run the gamut. House, yard, crafts, books, blog posts, travel plans, meals, laundry. I’ll stop there.

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed by the WIPs. To feel like a slacker–or worse, a failure–because there are so many of them. To beat oneself up over the accumulation and the lack of completion. I’m generally able to keep my perspective about these WIPs. To remind myself that it will all get done in due time. But every once in a while. Well, let’s be honest. About once a month…I get completely overwhelmed and down on myself and worse yet, Margie. I get frustrated that the house is always a mess, the yard is a jumble of weeds, the kitchen cabinets are only half clean. ARRGHHH.

At times like this, I step back. I figure out what’s really going on. I practice a bit more yoga. I talk to Margie. And it slowly settles back down and things are manageable again. The cycle gets old and I get tired of experiencing it. I like to think I can organize my way out of the cycle–and I can and do to a certain extent. But ultimately, it’s about accepting these temporary feelings. Fully acknowledging them and not beating myself up for having them.

Even this practice is a work in progress.


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