Healthy food :: little league style

It’s little league season. My son is playing for the second year. My partner and I have never been “team players” but we’re completely accepting of his interest in group sports. My son lives with 3 females and we don’t want to deny him the sense of camaraderie, athleticism, team work, etc. that his 6.5-year-old self gets from team sports (or whatever it is that feeds something in him).

My one issue–and I have it with soccer, too–is the snacks. I’m that parent.  I prefer to keep crap that shouldn’t be in food and my children’s bodies, out of their bodies. It’s the basic stuff: high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oils, food coloring, and too much sugar. Unfortunately, my desire for my kids to eat healthy, whole foods, makes me seem like a food snob in many circles.

I do make exceptions. Grandad’s house. Grammie’s house. The elderly neighbors who are thrilled to give a kid a cookie. So, no, I’m not completely militant about it. But…ball games and practices 2-3 times per week, make me a bit more outspoken.

I just became the “food snob” parent for my son’s baseball team. The coach and the team mom offered to buy all of the snacks for  games at Costco. This is super nice and convenient and I appreciate them for it. Unfortunately, this doesn’t encourage fresh fruits and veggies after games. It encourages pre-packaged food with too much sugar and additives. I don’t like that. So, I told all of the other parents my views. I also backed it up by offering to do the shopping myself, taking full responsibility for my views and outspoken-ness.

I’m not mad at the other parents for their food choices. I get it. Pre-packaged food is easy. And with so many parents working full-time, it’s often the only viable option. And this is what makes me mad: we live in a society that requires so many parents to work full-time and not have the time to feed their kids–and themselves–healthy and whole food. And that food manufacturers and the government encourage this by making the easiest foods the least healthy.

It’s sad and unfortunate, and yes, I’m going to continue to be that parent.


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