I started running again about a year and a half ago. It’s the easiest exercise for me to do given my current life. I don’t have to drive anywhere to do it. I just lace up my shoes and walk out my door. And I only have to run for 45 minutes to get a decent workout.

Despite my current dedication to running, I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with the sport. When I run, I pound myself into the ground—well, concrete, generally. That’s really tough on my body. On my joints in particular. At the same time, my metabolism loves it, as does my mind. Once those endorphins kick in, it’s hard not to enjoy the sensation.

What I love most, however, is how running also requires me to be very mindful—just like my yoga practice. If my form isn’t just right, I get hurt. I really do. My body is very sensitive because it simply is and because of my years of yoga. Yoga has tuned me into my body. Nothing goes unnoticed (whether or not I do anything about it is another thing, of course). I’m constantly adjusting the position of my body, and encouraging my mind focus on the task at hand and not everything else going on in my life.

It’s this juncture of mind and body that helps make my running practice a good fit for my yoga practice. They complement each other at this stage in my life. And running provides all sorts of fodder for my daily asanas.

So, I’m making peace with running. I’m enjoying this current phase of athleticism and mindfulness…and scheduling a massage soon (well…my body is telling me I need one).


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