The change of the season

The kids and I have a ritual with the change of every season. We collect all of the books that have anything to do with the new season and place them in a basket in the living room. The books from the previous season go back on the kids’ book shelf. We also decorate one of our fireplace mantles with things that remind is of the new season.

Spring starts in just a couple of days. We’ve had a very mild and dry winter. Until now. Two days before winter is suppose to end. Part of me wants to pull out the spring books. Part of me wants to enjoy winter–finally–despite what the calendar says.

A few weeks ago–when it did feel like spring–there was much talk at our house about how it felt like spring but technically it was still winter. (David Mas Masumoto had a lovely and hard essay about the way the changing of the seasons is changing in yesterday’s Sacramento Bee.)

Technicalities. Because the kids don’t really care about technicalities. It just is what it is. The kids do what feels right. Rain boots if it’s raining. Sandles if it’s warm and dry. Finding joy in the moment whatever that moment holds.

I don’t know when we’ll pull out the spring books. I think we will at least acknowledge the technical start of spring which may inspire the kids to request the spring books. With spring comes rebirth. New beginnings. Growth. Change. Regardless of the season, these are all good things to keep in mind.


2 thoughts on “The change of the season

  1. Heard David Mas Masumoto read from his book – Epitaph for a Peach – a few years ago. Beautifully written book and a pleasure to hear him read from it. Still have it if you’d like to borrow…

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