Maitri Mama

Loving one’s self–maitri–in Buddhist lingo. Easier said than done, right? There’s always that little voice in the back of the head trying to sabotage confidence, love, and compassion (and a myriad of other things). And if you’re a mama, there’s a whole ‘nother layer of things to beat ourselves over: breast feeding or not, co-sleeping or not, raising your voice at your kids, working or not (…and a myriad of other things…).

Whew…it’s exhausting. And hard. And it takes practice. After the birth of my second child, I started meditating. I don’t meditate every day and never for very long, but I do it. And when I’m not meditating I try (key word: try) to be mindful of what I’m doing. It helps. A lot. Most of the time time.

A couple of years ago my friend Christine and I met. Christine’s the real deal when it comes to mediating and mindfulness. She struggles like the rest of us, of course, but she looks at everything through the lens of mindfulness due to her years of Buddhist study (she use to live at the San Francisco Zen Center and even met her husband there). A month or so ago, Christine–who also writes the blog Mamasattva–asked me if I’d help her start a mama’s sitting group. Yes, yes, and yes!

I excitedly introduce Maitri Mamas. The group will provide a safe, non-judgmental place for mothers to come together to meditate, offer support, and share about living/parenting as mindfully as possible. Mothers of children of any age are welcome as are mothers of any religious affiliation and meditation experience. Beginning April 12th, we’ll meet the 2nd Thursday of every month from 7pm-8pm at RiverSong Mediation in the Sierra2Center complex in Curtis Park. Here’s a flier with more specific info:


If you’re mama. If you’re interested in mediation. If you’re looking for a bit more space and breathing room in your life. Please join us.

(A big thank you to Beth Johnson of RiverSong Meditation for letting us use her space. And to Marijke Melman for helping us with the flyer.)


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