A Year of Handmade

Last spring, I had the pleasure of meeting Anne of Flax and Twine at Squam–an art workshop in New Hampshire. Since then, I’ve been happily subscribed to Anne’s blog and constantly inspired by her ideas, enthusiasm, and skills.

For 2012, Anne has committed to making all of her gifts. Yep, a year of handmades. I love the idea. I made many gifts last year, but hope to make even more this year (family and friends, you’ve been warned). I love receiving handmade gifts. I so very much appreciate the care and thought that goes into something made with intention and time. As Anne mentioned in her blog, “It is this effort that bestows handmade gifts with value in ways that store-bought gifts just cannot have.”

I also want my children to grow up to appreciate handmade things. Receiving, yes, but  more importantly making and giving. I want them to have confidence in their creative ideas and abilities and to find enjoyment in the process.

With Christmas 2011 over and an entire year ahead of me, I’m also committing to a year of handmades. Are  you in?



3 thoughts on “A Year of Handmade

  1. Amanda, i just came across this! Thanks so much for linking to me and joining me on my handmade pledge :). Thinking of you and wishing you were coming to Squam this year!!!

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