Right now

It’s the first week of summer vacation. It’s a time of transition. Of a new rhythm to our days. We have our plans and activities (and free time). With any transition and change, however, comes some friction. Don’t get me wrong, we’re all just fine. But, as we (the kids and I) adjust to being together even more than before, I’m trying to be grateful and observant, and ever mindful. Right now, I’m grateful for:

  • a cancelled work trip
  • friends eager to get together on a regular basis to keep ourselves and our kids sane throughout the summer
  • cooler temperatures (it should only be 90 today, rather than 100)
  • time to sew
  • time to run, swim, and practice yoga
  • a good therapist
  • family
  • pools–public and private–and access to them
  • an ice maker in the freezer
  • popsicles
  • a breeze

I hope you’re finding something to be grateful for today, as well.


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