Minding my life

My daughter’s preschool end-of-year celebration was last night. It was wonderfully simple and while reminiscent of the year, fully embracing of the moment. Of that particular moment of transition. The end of one thing with full knowledge that something else is coming, but really no rush about this new thing—the future.

Kids are the masters of the current moment. There’s really nothing else for them. They certainly get excited about upcoming activities or birthdays, but when all is said and done, they’re all about what’s in front of them right now.

When do we lose this? When do we transition from full mindfulness to almost none? Media, test scores, parents talking about, “when you’re older.”  All of that and other things, I suppose. As adults it doesn’t really matter where it was lost. As parents, it matters and I feel a responsibility to try to maintain this mindfulness in my children a bit longer. Whether or not I’m succeeding, remains to be seen. But as adults, how can we find—again—this mindfulness. This appreciation of and attention to the present moment?

I struggle with this everyday. Perhaps struggle is the wrong word—and certainly not a positive way to look at this. I practice this everyday (yes, that’s better). The last couple of months have been very difficult for me—perhaps some of the hardest of my life—but coming back to the present moment has helped me get through it. Calming my mind. Stopping it from going on endlessly about the “what if’s.”  Just taking a deep breath. Looking at what is right in front of me.


We’ll, this wasn’t quite the direction I had intended for this post. I was going to talk more about kids and transitions and something a tad more up-beat.  But there you have it. Fully embracing this moment and the need to get these words out.

I re-started my meditation practice this week. I’ve meditated for 5-10 minutes everyday this week. It’s such a nice way to start the day. To keep it slow and quiet before everything else enters the mind.

I really enjoy group meditation sits, but find that the timing isn’t always conducive to family time. Mornings seem to work best for me. But…if anyone is interested in local groups in the Sacramento area, check out the Sacramento Buddhist Meditation Group and their list of other groups in the region. It’s All Yoga also offers a Sunday evening sit that is really sweet. And Rise Yoga will be offering a beginning meditation series in July.



One thought on “Minding my life

  1. I completely understand and was nodding along to this post and the one above that followed it.
    And preschool ending…that is a big deal and transition, but you are right…I like that phrase…master of the moment.

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