It’s almost here. The solstice is next week. School is almost out. The weather is finally warm. And I’m looking forward to the next  two and a half months.

For some time, I was really worried about how I was going to deal being with the kids so much. But then I realized that it’s not that much more time and it’s really no different from previous summers. It’s also going to be really nice not having a school schedule to follow. Our days are wide open.

I have, however, planned things for the summer. I need a plan and a rhythm and so do the kids. It’s full of lots of free time and some regular activities. Here’s our general schedule:

Mondays – Park mornings. Bennett went to the park every Monday during the school year with his Kindergarten class. I want to continue this. We’ll pick a different park every Monday. And some weeks we may substitute berry picking at a local u-pick farm.

Tuesdays – Kindergarten art group. I’m super excited about this. I organized this with some other moms from Bennett’s Kindergarten (Adelaide and other siblings will also participate). We’re all going to take turns hosting and organizing an art activity. It’ll be a good way to keep the kids–and moms–in touch through the summer.

Wednesdays – Wee Wednesdays at the Crocker Art Museum. I use to take Bennett to these regularly (before school conflicted with the dates). He really enjoyed the activities. Adelaide is now old enough as well.

Thursdays – Story time at the library and free library time. Both of my kids love the library but we’ve been unable to attend story times all year. Now’s the time. Adelaide may also be taking a dance class (she’s chomping at the bit to take ballet).

Fridays – Nothing planned.

Most of these activities occur in the morning. I like having free afternoons–given the heat here in Sacramento and our energy levels–giving the kids lots of time do do whatever they want. We also hope to be invited over for lots of pool play dates (I won’t name, names).

I’ve also started a list of art and other activities for the kids to do during some of these free times. Some of these activities include:

  • summer journal
  • block printing
  • flower and petal collages
  • murals on large pieces of paper

I’d love to have more ideas. What are you doing this summer?


3 thoughts on “Summer

  1. i’m having an intentional summer as well. too much free time and i just spend it online.

    i’m reading, traveling, and learning new stuff. check out the summer of intentionality posts at tgbts for more specifics.

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