The Castle of Coffee

This is the name of the coffee shop Bennett and I created this morning. Bennett and I have a few hours to ourselves each week and we had gotten into the habit of stopping at a local coffee house for hot chocolate or juice (Bennett), chai (me), and a pastry (to share). We both really like doing this. Unfortunately, we can’t afford to do this on a weekly basis. Monthly maybe, but not weekly.

So…when Bennett mentioned visiting the coffee house this week, I informed him that we really couldn’t be doing this so often. He was disappointed until I suggested that we make our own coffee house. His eyes lit up, he started flapping his arms (he looks like a little bird trying to take off), and he said okay.

We bought some frozen berries to make muffins, I brewed a batch of chai, and Bennett made a nifty sign for our hangout:

Yes, the muffins are $6. We're a swanky joint.


Bennett declared the hot chocolate to be better than the coffee house’s, but he wasn’t as sure about the muffins. Not nearly enough berries, and well, I played with the flours a bit which always makes the muffins more of a surprise than anything (I, however, think they’re just fine).

All in all a success. Maybe not as fancy as a coffee house, but definitely less expensive. And most importantly, we were able to spend time together doing something we both enjoy.


5 thoughts on “The Castle of Coffee

  1. what a great idea! my son and i have this ritual too, although not on a regular basis, love this for a creative alternative!

    • Thanks for the note, Nicola. I’m constantly struggling with my role as a stay-at-home mom. Nothing ever feels right–staying home or going back to work. And I have very little time to myself these days which causes the largest lows. It makes it hard to really focus on anything and develop attachment and/or passion for anything other than my family. The low points are becoming longer than the high points, but I’m trying to remember that both kids will be in school in the fall–at the same time–a few mornings a week. My partner and I have started seeing a therapist, hopefully this will help to balance everything out.

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