T-11 days until spring

Because I live in Sacramento, counting down to spring isn’t a huge deal. It’s been spring–on and off–for the last few weeks. Margie–who’s from the Midwest insists that there are only 2 seasons in Sacramento–summer and spring.

Nonetheless, the official start of spring is approaching. Spring-inspired picture books (for the kids…ahem) have been requested from the library and more time is being spent outside prepping for spring planting and growth.

Our sheet mulching project seems to be doing well. The 3 piles of manure, newspaper, and leaves are smaller and flatter than they were a few months ago when we created them, telling me that some amount of decomposition is happening. We plan to build 3 raised beds around the mulched areas. We’re hoping to find some less expensive wood at the local Habitat for Humanity store to keep the cost of these beds down.

I’m feeling a renewed commitment to creating a cut flower section to our garden. The kids enjoy making bouquets and I love having fresh flowers in the house. This project has moved up on garden checklist and I hope to prep the area in March, as well.

I also want to plant a thorough herb and tea garden. I don’t like to spend money on herbs and loose leaf tea, especially when it’s so easy to grow your own. If I can figure out the watering system (or…rather, if Margie can), we’ll be good to go.

One thing that didn’t happen this winter, which we had planned to do, was the planting of many fruit trees. We did plant a blood orange tree, which seems to have survived the few frosty nights we experienced. We had hoped to plant a couple of kiwis and a satsuma mandarin as well, but they never quite made it into our budget. There’s always next winter.

And now…off to order seeds. Garden prep days have been scheduled for the last two weekends in March. We’ll build our raised beds and shovel in lots of top soil. The kids (and Margie and I) will be eager to plant as soon as the infrastructure is in place.


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