Since the first of the year, I’ve been writing in my journal almost daily. It’s generally a very short entry, but I always include an intention for the day. More often than not the intention–or often intentions–are patience and acceptance. Of what is and what isn’t. Of my full life. Of the times I feel less than full.

This time with my journal and my thoughts has become my meditation. It’s my most personal form of self-care (a note…the term self-care really rankles my feathers for reasons not worth sharing now…but it’s the most appropriate term for what this is).

I’ve come to seek out this activity first thing in the morning. I do it right out of bed, sitting in the family room at 5:15am before practicing asana or leaving the house for a run or swim. It quiets the mind. It sets a mood for the day and identifies something to which to aspire. The intentions are a helpful reminder during times I want to scream at my children or rush them along.

I saw a therapist for a few months last year (and hope to find another one that my insurance will cover). Of the many things we discussed were the ideas of flow and expansion. If I were to select a couple of intentions for the year they would be to flow and to expand. No to be afraid to go with the flow or to expand my thinking or my heart a little bit more.(I really want to find a bracelet with these words on it.)

I leave today for a four-day retreat with a couple of old friends and a bunch of soon-to-be-new-friends. One of my friends organized this and asked me to lead yoga each of the mornings. There will be lots of time to myself. Opportunities for art journaling and other activities for self-discovery, awareness, and care (yeah…there’s that word again). I’m very excited about this weekend. Opportunities for flow and expansion abound both for myself at the retreat and my thoughts about my family back at home (I will not think about the state of the house!). I’m also greatly looking forward to 6 hours in the car by myself and checking out the yarn store in Mendocino.

I don’t have any particular goals for this weekend, but to enjoy it and re-affirm my daily journal activity. To commit to attempting to act with intention, and to flow and expand.


2 thoughts on “Intentions

  1. Now you’ve piqued my interest about self-care…do tell! And by the way, LOVED this post — you’ve motivated me to start meditating again. In fact, I did it this morning. Have a great time at the retreat. Sounds lovely.

  2. Well…my issue with self-care primarily has to do with it’s overuse. Of course we need to take care of ourselves. If you’re not happy, no one is. The whole, if you can’t make peace in yourself, how can you make peace with others, type thing. So…by all means take care of yourself. But…also buck up and deal with your responsibilities. It’s overused and often in a whine-y way. Does that make any sense?

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