Creating and dreaming

I’ve been thinking a lot about embracing creativity. Or the need to be creative. Fully accepting these creative cravings and the urges. Making the time to write. To sew. To knit. Perhaps even to art journal.

I fully encourage our children to be creative. Art supplies are always ready and available. In fact we have an entire cabinet dedicated to all sorts of mediums and supplies, and pencils, crayons, and paper are always on the kitchen table. I, however, don’t always create. This, despite the fact, that I always feel better after spending some time with my knitting needles or with some fabric. Being creative is calming and meditative.

As a child I was quite creative. I wrote stories and poems. Somewhere along the way I got away from that. In the last few years I have begun to create again. Clothes for my children and occasionally myself. Things for our home. Knitted items for friends and family. And a bit of writing here and there.

Perhaps embracing creativity means finally accepting that I need something to do outside of the house, as well. I’m still committed to making our backyard more productive—dare I say more homesteadish. I’m also still committed to being with my children, but something else is calling to me. So many thoughts flow through my head about what this could be. I’m trying to be patient and let what will be, be. Exploring things here or there, but not rushing to make decisions.

Recent blog posts from Shivaya Naturals and Which Name? discuss similar thoughts (and much more eloquently so). In Shivaya Naturals, Heather talks about daring to dream. Accepting dreaming as an integral part of the here and now and not being scared to continue dreaming and fine-tuning our aspirations. One paragraph in particular, really caught my attention:

“I like to dream, and I like to dream big. I believe that what makes me a happy person is my desire to live out the wacky and sometimes unattainable dreams that I have come up with through the years. Some people may look at my life and feel like I have been all over the map with who I am,  or what I “do”, but for me, it is what has brought me the most amount of joy.”

That’s me. I often feel that being a stay-at-home-mom suppresses this. This one aspect of myself that eternally brings me joy. I’m ready to stop letting it suppress me. It’s all in my hands.

I suppose this is a resolution of sorts for the new year. Or perhaps an intention. To embrace creative urges. To follow my instinct and curiousities a bit more. To say yes more often than no.


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