No spend month

Yep, that’s right. No spend month. My hope in blogging about this is that I/we will follow through. I think I’ve mentioned that I enjoy spending money. These days, it’s not so much about clothes, shoes, books, and cds, but rather fabric, yoga workshops, chai lattes, and yarn. Regardless of the expense, it all adds up.

So…on the heels of the all-too-expensive month of December, we’re attempting to spend money on necessities only. Food, mortgage, utilities, and the like. No eating out. No lattes. No yarn. No iTunes downloads. Nothing to help us organize some of the kids new toys (February).

I’m already bristling at the thought of this. It doesn’t help that we’re also undergoing a dietary cleanse this month (more on this later). It’s a lot of no’s for one month. It also doesn’t help that I finally found the fabric I want to use to make curtains for our family room. The fabric will not be available next month (really…). And…we have an opportunity to go out of town mid-month.

Instead, perhaps I should say, no spend month…more or less. With all of this in mind, I vow not to buy a single latte. No used books at the library bookstore. No yarn. No eating out. It will be an exercise in patience and that’s a good thing.

So…no spend…with maybe two exceptions.


7 thoughts on “No spend month

  1. You guys are so inspirational…I don’t think we’ll commit to a no spend month but just knowing you guys are doing it has already made me more mindful of my spending. I veto’d this really cute felt daily calendar at a kids boutique that I totally would have gotten had your blog post not inspired me. 😉

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