I really appreciate winter coming in with dark clouds, wind, and rain. Despite growing up in California and having more memories of sunny Christmases than not, I can’t help but crave cold and dark weather with the change of the season and the end of the year.

The kids and I spent a lot of time outside yesterday afternoon. Earlier in the week we had made bird seed cookies as a winter solstice present for the birds. With much excitement we hung the cookies from tree branches. With a break in the rain, the kids enjoyed time outside without rain coats and I cleaned up the yard a bit and pruned hydrangeas. We also picked oranges and lemons.

We spent the rest of the solstice playing inside, knitting, lighting candles, eating pea soup, and decorating oranges with cloves. It was a good day.


With the New Year coming, I’ve started making a list of the things I want to do next year. I have the list divided up into categories: house, yard, yoga, writing, etc. It’s a good list. Very do-able. I’m struggling, however, with reflecting on this year that’s about to end. This isn’t something I generally do, but I’m feeling called to do it this year. I struggled—a lot (and still do)—with being home full-time and with not having enough time to myself. Part of me feels that if I just took the time to reflect, I’d find the answers I so often feel I need. And part of me knows that’s bullshit. Contentment, happiness, peace, and joy are right here, I just need to let them in. Oh my…


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