Food for thought

My, how time flies. When I last posted, it was not quite Halloween. Now Thanksgiving is over and we’re well on our way to Christmas. November was busy for my family. Lots of traveling, with a stomach flu thrown in for good measure.

Being busy, however, wasn’t really what kept me from this place. My absence was primarily due to an uncertainty in the direction of this space, as well as a lack of confidence. I had lost sight of my mission (oh my, I haven’t used that word since my non-profit days; but still so relevant, if slightly wonky sounding), and I simply started wondering, “Who am I to write in the place?” Seriously…who really cares. It turns out that the better question is, “Who am I not to write in this place?” And…I care. If someone doesn’t like what I’m writing about or my writing style (or lack of grammar-check), she won’t read this blog again. I enjoy using this space and that’s all that matters.

With crisis in confidence over (for now…it rears its head often), and a reconnection to my mission for this space, I’m ready to start writing and posting again.

When I first created this blog, I had some, somewhat grand plans of making it a clearinghouse–of sorts–for urban gardening. Or–at least–a resource for people new (like me) to urban gardening. This is still what I’d like to do. The impetus for this re-connection with my initial plan is my strong desire to turn our backyard into an urban homestead. I really like the idea of growing most of our fruits and veggies and having chickens.

As I’ve posted many times, I struggle with being a stay-at-home-mom. I’ve been contemplating getting a job outside of the home, but nothing is calling to me. It’s become clear, however, that I need something that connects me to more people and ideas, and to subjects that extend past my front door. So…our backyard, and more specifically, our homestead. Yes, this is family-oriented, but it serves another purpose, as well. It will provide fodder–compost, if you will–for this space, which will help engage in broader topics for which I have a great interest: sustainability, simplicity, suburban ag, conservation, and community.

Over the next month, I plan to fine tune my plans for the yard as a homestead, as well as my specific goals for this blog and the resource I want it to become for myself and others. Very little hands-on work will be occurring (it is December, afterall) and I may not post much (but, maybe I will). Come January, however, I plan to begin work in earnest–both in the yard and in this space.


6 thoughts on “Food for thought

  1. I care..

    I enjoy finding and reading blogs about my surroundings, about people who care about our environment, about fellow bike lovers.. A few afternoons ago when I searched Google for “East Sacramento blogs” I never imagined I would find a blog like yours – a blog that I enjoy reading so much, I skimmed its entirety in that sitting. Admittedly, I am a habitual skimmer when it comes to most blogs, but I assure you I will be heading back to your blog to read the posts more carefully, without caring about grammar or spelling. I was so intrigued by your philosophy, your outlook, your adventures, your balance, etc. I am a transplant from the Midwest, a fairly new resident of the East Sacramento area, and someone who is unsure of where she wants to end up (geographically). I am interested in the possibility of cooking delicious meals with ingredients from my backyard garden. If I ever have children, I imagine toting them around my bike-friendly neighborhood in a bike trailer in 10 years. Thank you for assuring me that it is possible to live a healthy, happy, sustainable life in a place like Sacramento, with children and with a same-sex partner!

    Keep on writing! 🙂

    Happy Holidays.

    • Thanks, Ashley. I really appreciate your comments! East Sac. is great. It’s where I first lived when I moved to Sacramento. It’s so central and easy to navigate to and from.

  2. I’m so glad you will continue blogging. I love your blog. I have always been inspired by you and Margie and now that we’re no longer near enough to hang out, I love reading your blog! Please keep going!

    • Thanks, Nicola. I don’t know nearly enough about sustainable/edible landscaping to manage a business. It’s a great idea, however, and one worth keeping in mind if I find I really enjoy turning our yard into a bit of a homestead.

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