What’s for dinner – update

At the beginning of October I posted about our meal planning efforts and specifically about our switch to monthly meal planning from weekly meal planning. Someone recently asked how the monthly meal planning has gone. Very well, thank you. Not perfect, but better than the weekly meal planning had been going.

For starters, we spent just as much money on food this month as previous months, but (and this is big for us), we had enough money going into the last week of the month to buy everything we needed. In past months, we’d enter the last week of the month with half of what we needed to buy groceries. This has always caused stress and disagreements. Not this month!

We visited our local grocery store and Trader Joe’s much less. I’d like to reduce the number of trips a bit more, but we’re off to a good start.

With November about to begin, we’ll be sitting down in the next few days to create a menu for the month. I plan to do the bulk of our grocery shopping over the course of the next week. This month I’m going to buy all of the cheese we should need for the month, as well as all of the orange juice. I’ve heard that cheese freezes well and with pasteurized juices the norm, I think we’ll be okay.

The one potential wrench this month is Thanksgiving and a couple of trips we have planned. We’re traveling to Seattle for a long weekend, but we’ll be staying with a friend and plan to eat in. We’re also traveling for Thanksgiving, but will be camping with family and should be able to stay on budget there as well. To help counter impulse travel buys, I’m going to plan for the snacks we may want while traveling.

So there you have it. Still a work in progress…but isn’t everything?



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