For the past few years, we’ve joined my mother and her 5th grade class in making scarecrows at Winterport Farm, just outside of Ione.

Field o'scarecrows.


The farmers–Dan and Sue Port and their daughter Carina–provide straw, stakes, and old clothes (if you’ve forgotten to bring some like we did), and let the kids create all sorts of scarecrows to decorate their pumpkin patch. The kids always have a great time and Bennett and his younger cousin Chloe are finally old enough to really help create a scarecrow.

After the scarecrows are completed, the kids look at some of the animals on the farm and receive a pumpkin from Dan, Sue, and Carina. It’s a great way to start the autumn and Halloween seasons.

Winterport offers a self serve pumpkin patch. Pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, gourds, and corn stalks pre-picked and underneath an awning waiting to be selected. There’s a tin for payment, based on the honor system. Winterport is also where we purchase our beef and melons (there are still some left!). If  you’d like to visit, Winterport is open every day through Halloween (and perhaps longer). The farm is located at 2690 Hwy. 104, just outside of Ione in Amador County.


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