Almost Halloween

It’s the first day of October which means it’s almost Halloween.

Halloween is Bennett’s favorite holiday (event/time of year…I’m not sure what to call it). He talks about his costumes all year. For the first couple of years he was a dragon. Last year–when he was finally old enough to choose his costume, he was Captain America. Adelaide will be the dragon this year (with wings) and Bennett’s still deciding (he was going to be a vampire, but now he’s re-considering).

The point of this post is to say we decorated for Halloween today. We decorated for autumn last week. But now that it’s October and almost Halloween, the orange and black decorations are up.

I should pause here and explain what decorating is in our family: a handful of  handmade items. Things printed, cut, glued, taped, and sewn.  It doesn’t matter how good they look. As long as they remind the little ones of the season and the upcoming fun of Halloween, it’s all good.

So…we now have ghosts hanging from one of the trees in our front yard. Paper pumpkins taped to the sliding glass door. A handmade Halloween countdown calendar taped to the fireplace (which is not in use). And a few other odds and ends.

What are you doing to celebrate the season?


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