To be

Bennett started tennis lessons yesterday. For the past couple of years–minus a couple of month-long breaks–he has taken swim lessons. With his interest in other sports on the rise, we thought tennis would be a nice change of pace (and umm…we forgot to register him for soccer).  So…no swim lessons this month. We’ll see how tennis goes and re-evaluate in a few weeks for November activities.

One of the benefits of living in an urban environment is the abundance of recreational activities. Even with municipal budget cuts, there’s still lots of opportunities out there. With all of these options, however, comes the danger of over-scheduling. To date, we have not over-scheduled our kids. And in fact, I could easily argue that we’ve under-scheduled Adelaide–such is the fate of the younger sibling.

With Bennett in school, his interests continuing to grow, and the lure of team sports (for Bennett, not us…believe me), we have now reached the time in our lives to be ever vigilant against over-scheduling.

I know this sounds a bit dramatic. But…I am an introvert. Childrearing and being a stay-at-home-mom  has sucked me dry. I have become a homebody. Constantly leaving the house for activities and events drains me even more.  I can only schedule myself and my family for so many things without going bonkers.

Yoga helps. Meditation helps. Being by myself–or even at home with the family without anywhere to be–helps the most. My spouse may disagree with this, but it’s also good for the kids to have regular downtime. I don’t want them to grow up constantly feeling like they must do something. It’s okay to be still. To be surrounded by quiet (or children running around pretending to be lions, superheroes, surfers…you fill in the blank). To simply be.


5 thoughts on “To be

  1. Steph always asks me why I don’t get out of the house more with the trio – for one, it’s exhausting (for me) but also because I don’t think they always have to be doing something too – and they love being at home. I’m with you on not over-scheduling – esp. at a young age. One activity a week is plenty IMO. Our kids will do tennis too! (Steph used to teach it in h.s and college)

  2. i completely and whole-heartedly agree with this! being an introvert myself i dream of moments home and quiet and unscheduled. yet my son is an extrovert and an only child, and he LOVES people. He also has the most amazing imagination, and i think his dad and i have helped foster that by not signing him up for very much. by having plenty of time to go wherever his imagination takes him he creates some amazing things! and now that he gets plenty of people time in school, he’ll come home and disappear for so long, in his own world, getting HIS downtime!

  3. Me too. On being an introvert and homebody and feeling as though scheduling activities is draining. I have been very internally focused on my little family, too, so focusing on others has been difficult (tiring) and my lack of attention to others has made me feel guilty, too!

    How is school going for Bennett?


    • Bennett loves Kindergarten. He attends a Waldorf-inspired public school within walking distance to our house. It’s wonderful. His teacher is wonderful. In fact, he’s already declared that he wants to take Kindergarten again next year (which is entirely possible…traditionally kids take 2 years of Kindergarten in Waldorf schools).

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