Autumn equinox

I’m so glad it’s autumn. I love summer, but there’s something about fall that the introvert in me absolutely adores.  It feels like a time to withdraw a bit, cover up, enjoy a more even number of daylight and moonlight hours, and appreciate a new season of food.

To help welcome the new  season, the kids are doing a few autumn-related crafts. We’re making a fall banner using fabric paints, and autumnal colors and an acorn wreath for the front door. I’ve also been making chicken broth using a chicken carcass we’d stored in the freezer for just such a use, and roasting a new chicken for dinner tonight. Red quinoa-walnut cookies are baking (from here). Yes, the house smells very good right now.

We’ve been enjoying pears from my mom’s orchard for the past few weeks and we’re looking forward to a trip to Apple Hill and the Winterport Farm pumpkin patch.

Fall-inspired books are being checked out from the library and added to our rotation (more on this, soon).

Our corn is done producing. The stalks are waiting to be picked and set aside to dry. We hope to use them to decorate our front porch as we get closer to Halloween.

And the fall garden. Summer vegetable plants are slowly being removed and the ground prepared for chard, peas, carrots, lettuce, and a few other cold weather plants.

What are you doing to welcome fall?


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