A new obsession

Hi. Yeah, I’m still here. When children start school, it’s seldom mentioned that there is a transition period not just for the students, but the parents as well. Don’t get me wrong…school is going great! Bennett loves it and I’m enjoying a bit more time to myself (Adelaide naps for a good chunk of the time Bennett is at  school). Nonetheless, there is a new rhythm to our lives to which we’re all still adjusting/developing/let form (I’m not quite sure which it is). I’m hoping to be in this space more regularly very soon. Perhaps next week. Perhaps not. But soon or soonish. We’ll see.

Anyway, the real purpose of this email is to share a new obsession of mine. A few weeks ago, while having brunch with mama friends (because that’s what we do…brunch and bon bons), I decided to try sheep’s milk yogurt. Oh. My. God. Amazing stuff. You see, I’m allergic to cow’s milk and anything made with it. It’s a mild allergy, but if I ingest too much I’ll start feeling like I have a really bad cold. So, I try to avoid it. For many years, I’ve been eating soy yogurt. I was content with my soy. It had all the beneficial probiotics, some protein, and some calcium. And it was easy to make it at home.

But then I had the sheep’s milk yogurt. It’s $2.15 at the Co-Op. It comes in an unrecycleable container. And it’s so good. Creamy. Rich. Eating it is like eating dessert. I’m buying a few containers a week. This can’t continue. The cost. The waste.

None of the stores I frequent sell sheep’s milk. Goat milk is easily found, but it tastes goaty.  I don’t know what I’m going to do. Continuing to buy the yogurt can’t continue (the guilt!) and buying a lactating sheep isn’t particularly realistic.  Does anyone know a sheep farmer within 50 miles that is willing to sell sheep’s milk? I don’t think I can go back to soy yogurt. I’m more than willing to buy some sheep’s milk directly from a farmer and make my own yogurt.

Any leads would be appreciated.


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