Letting things be

While planting our summer garden a few months back, I insisted on building a trellis for the melons. I was tired of growing melons only to have them rot while lying and growing on the ground.

Behold…our one melon.

Through the trellis. I can’t tell if it likes the trellis or not. I’m sure it appreciates not rotting on one side. But I suppose it might also appreciate not having a piece of wire through its middle.

And yes, one melon. We planted many melons from seed. Only one melon grew. I’m a novice gardener and don’t know if this lack of fruit was due to a soil, sun, watering, pollination, or other issue.

I’m not sure what the moral to this story is. The melon could have just as easily chosen to grow somewhere else. Perhaps it’s better to simply ask whether or not one should be prepared and try to anticipate issues. Or perhaps it’s simply best to let things be.


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