We’re still on vacation. We’re having a lovely time. Lots of time at the beach and with family members only seen a couple of times a year. The kids are having a blast and are exhausted by the end of everyday.

In my last post I suggested that I might post a picture a day. Well…that didn’t happen. But…I do hope to post a bunch of pictures upon our return.

I’m at that point in a vacation when I start to think about all of the things I want to do when I return. I’m trying very hard to slow down and simply be here vacationing…but here I am posting something on this blog. Oh well.

I must mention–for all of my yoga friends that read this blog–that I’ve been having wonderful home practices. My home practice is generally okay but I often tend to be thinking of how I could use a created sequence in a class. Not so while on vacation. My practices have been very personal, challenging, and mindful. Upon my return, I’m going to set aside personal yoga time that will not pay any attention to an upcoming class.

There you have it.

Now…back to the beach.


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