Summer manifesto

Last month–at the beginning of summer–we wrote a summer manifesto of sorts, identifying various things we wanted to do this summer. Bennett and Adelaide helped us create the list.

With summer almost half over, I thought it might be a good time to review the list and see how we’ve done.

:: play at a bouncey house

:: go to grandma and grandpa’s house

:: have a playdate with friends

:: go canoeing

:: go camping in India

:: go camping in the mountains

:: go fishing

:: go to river

:: build a chicken coop (we built a tree fort instead)

:: go swimming

:: ride in grandpa’s motorboat

:: go kayaking

:: go sailing

:: eat ice cream (I’ve lost count on the number of times this has happened)

:: watch fireworks

:: attend concert in the park

Margie and I were recently lamenting the lack of camping this summer. But, really, we’ve done a lot. Not included on the list are two trips. A week long trip Ashland, Oregon and a  two week trip to Michigan. With the time required for those trips, it’s really no wonder that no camping has occurred (or will be occurring).  All in all, we’ve done a fairly good job of fulfilling our summer wishes.

Here’s to enjoying the rest of summer and fulfilling a few more!


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