We have a fig tree in our backyard. Our last house had one, as well. Every year, I attempt to use the figs, but always fail. This year, I’ve already made plans to make a fig and honey cream galette, as well as a fig jam. I have yet to make either.

I’m not a huge fan of figs, but I feel really bad wasting them. Yes, the squirrels and the birds eat them. And yes, the fallen figs decompose and nourish the the ground around the base of the tree. But still. Why can’t I make at least a few fig dishes?

Does anyone have a fig recipe that will change my ways?


2 thoughts on “Figs

  1. Can you dry them? Then you can use them in granola, breads, etc. You can also package the dried ones up and give them away as gifts. I’ve heard dried figs freeze beautifully.

  2. i don’t know a recipe off hand, but there’s some really yummy fig recipes that involve feta cheese and balsamic vinegar! savory-sweet combo!! i’m sure a google search will produce something!

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