We received our first CSA box last week. We’ve been shopping at the farmers market for years, but had never ventured into the land of CSA boxes. I did belong to the UCDavis CSA for a year or so while in grad school. At the time, I didn’t care quite as much as I do now about wasting food or about cooking. Needless to say, much food was wasted.

And honestly, we really hadn’t been planning on joining a CSA. Then, someone was at the playground we frequent, signing folks up for the boxes. I said sure, let’s try it!

I have to tell you, I was so excited to receive the box! I was really looking forward to it. We received all sorts of good stuff: tomatoes, peaches, plums, corn, a melon, basil, carrots, a head of lettuce, onions, grapes, beets, and a few other things that I know I’m forgetting.

We received an average box, per the salesman’s recommendation. If we are to continue with the CSA, we would need to receive a slightly larger box. There wasn’t enough fruit in there to last the week. Plenty of veggies, but not enough fruit.

Despite my excitement to receive the box, I’m not sure if we’ll be continuing it. Margie is very nervous about receiving weeks and weeks of bok choy this winter and wants the flexibility to eat what we want. (The CSA we joined allows you to opt out of certain items. For example, I said no to squash because we have more than we can eat at the moment) I, on the other hand, would love to the challenge of creating a menu based on the contents of the box. We already eat almost 100 percent seasonally and locally, so this really shouldn’t be that hard. And…it would encourage us to eat some things that we don’t eat enough, like bok choy and other greens. I also wouldn’t mind not having to go to the farmers’ market every week. I do enjoy going, but don’t always want to go every Sunday.

So…I think I’ll sign up for a few more weeks and see how it goes.


3 thoughts on “CSAs

  1. We love bok choy! I sautee it with almonds, ginger, oil, garlic… so yummy! We eat it at least once a week. I’d love to do a CSA – will have to look into it here!

    • We had joined Farm Fresh to You which collects from all over the Capay and San Joaquin Valley. But…canceled it because we wanted it all to be super local. We’re looking into a few other CSA’s. I’ll probably post something if/when we join a CSA again (which will probably be soon).

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