A pickn’

It’s berry picking season! The wild blackberries tucked away in forgotten portions of the city are abundant with berries. And the u-picks farms ready and waiting for us.

Margie took the kids to one of the urban patches earlier this week. It’s a favorite spot of ours throughout the year, but especially during berry season. Margie and I pick berries. Bennett picks and eats berries. Adelaide eats berries. And the dog runs around sniffing everything. The kids love to explore these little areas and so do we. When in this particular patch it’s easy to feel that like you’re no longer in the city.

These urban patches make are not cultivated for picking (well, they’re not really cultivated at all), so they are thick. A friend recently recommended taking a board picking with us. The board can be placed on the bushes that have already been picked in order to access the bushes further in the patch. We may be trying this soon.

This is last summer at the urban patch near our home.

The kids and I visited a u-pick patch this morning. Impossible Acres, just west of Davis. We arrived just after 9am, slathered on some sunblock, placed hats on our heads, and started picking. I picked. Bennett picked and ate (but really did an amazing job picking), and Adelaide ate. Adelaide was eating the berries so well, that she reminded me of Little Sal from Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey. We managed to pick enough to eat and make some jam–I think. We just opened the last jar of last summer’s raspberry jam and are looking forward to a new batch.

We also picked some white peaches. These were super easy for the kids to pick. White sangria with peaches are definitely on the horizon and perhaps a peach pie or two.

Happy pickn’!


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