Staycation…and a fort!

Margie and I enjoyed a staycation last week. Without the kids. We’d never had a staycation before. We’d left the children before. (We have no problem doing that). My mom took the kids for three days (thanks, Mom!)

We slept through the night, three nights in a row.

We finished watching season 3 of Mad Men.

We didn’t answer a single “Why?” question.

We went out to dinner.

We went to the movie theater and saw Eclipse (Yes, Eclipse. Margie has read all of the books and I really like the guy who plays Edward).

And…we built a tree fort for our son’s upcoming birthday.

Yes, it was wonderful to have time to ourselves. To be able to focusing solely on one another. To remember how much we enjoy spending time together. But, really, it was all about the tree fort.

We had originally planned to build a chicken coop with this time but ultimately decided that we would never be able to build a coop strong enough to withstand our crazy, “I love to have small things in my mouth,” dog. The chicken coop will have to wait until we no longer have Lucy. The dog is an 11 year-old black lab mix that isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. It’ll be a while before chickens are in our backyard.

A fort. It’s roughly four feet off the ground with a ladder leading up to the platform. There’s a four foot railing with slats running up and down three sides. The fourth side has a sheet of plywood painted with chalkboard paint. It’s built around a tree. Margie designed it. The kids love it. Bennett and I have already had a camp-out in it.

We already have plans to expand it. A slide off to one side. A rope swing. Maybe some pulleys. Many possibilities!

Yes, a staycation. Yes a fort. If you’d asked us six or seven years ago if we’d ever vacation at home, we would have said no. If you’d asked us if we’d be spending our time building a tree fort, we probably would have said no, as well. But things change and that’s okay.


3 thoughts on “Staycation…and a fort!

  1. Um. That is the coolest thing ever. I want a fort. And the prospect of a pulley?! It’s too much!!

    And yay for relaxing staycations. Well deserved, moms.

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