A step toward balance

I’m going to take a break from reading the blogs in my reader.  I only subscribe to 20 or so, but I find that I spend more time than I’d like to reading blogs.

For the past 5 or 6 months, I’ve been participating in Which Name’s A Step Toward Balance. Every month I’ve selected one thing on which to focus and–as a result, hopefully–find a bit more balance in my life. In past months I’ve chosen meditation, sleep, and over-scheduling.  Meditation is still happening. I’m still working on getting more sleep. And I’m more conscious of over-scheduling, but find it’s hard not to during the busy, social months of summer.

Back to blog reading. This month I’m going to really limit my blog reading. In fact, I’m going to stop reading the blogs in my reader. I love to read, but I find that most of my reading these days is on the computer. Margie and I took a staycation earlier this week without the kids. I opened my reader once during this period and found that I really didn’t miss it. Furthermore, I have a stack of books I really want to read. The best way to read these books is to read more of them and less online content.

I’m not quite sure how this will affect this blog. I enjoy writing it, but sitting down to write tends to lead to blog reading and web surfing. For the time being I’m going to continue to write in this space but only when I feel I really have something to say.

So…there you have it. One small step at a time.


2 thoughts on “A step toward balance

  1. Good for you. I am sitting here, reading blogs, after I told my husband I was going for a bath and my book, so I completely understand. I look forward to reading next month how this has gone for you!

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