Local beef

For the past few years, we’ve purchased our beef in 1/4 steer increments from Winterport Farm in Amador County. Yesterday was beef pick-up day. My mom was heading into Sacramento (she lives in the county) and was nice enough to pick it up from the butcher for us.

We have been without beef for over a month. I freezer mishap caused our remaining cuts to defrost and we had to throw them out. Margie and I have been looking forward to new beef. Let me preface this by stating I’m a former vegetarian. Margie is a midwest, meat-and-potatoes loving gal. Meat has caused some issues in our relationship. And it wasn’t until we started buying grassfed beef from a known rancher that I really started to eat beef again.

Winterport Farm is located just outside my hometown–Ione–in Amador County. It’s a roughly 45 minute drive from Sacramento to the farm. I’ve known the ranchers my entire life and use to serve on the board of the Mother Lode Land Trust with the primary rancher–Dan Port. The ranch property is in a conservation easement (held by the Sacramento Valley Conservancy) which will keep the land from ever being developed and encourage long-term agricultural use.

Anyway…back to the beef. Winterport charges just over $5 a pound. We were able to tell the butcher how we wanted the beef cut. The farm sells beef directly from the farm as well as from the Rancho Cordova Farmers Market.

Natural Mom, Healthy Child recently posted about their local, grass fed beef being experience and included more information about how they made their decision to go grass fed.

One of the best things about buying from Winterport is that the kids know exactly where our beef is raised. We pass by the farm every time we drive into Amador County to visit my family.


7 thoughts on “Local beef

  1. This is great Amanda !! I love that this ranch is trying to preserve agriculture, being an Agi my whole life I have been able to experience all the great things that agriculture can offer. This ranch will enable your children and others to lean that agriculture is a very important of every community ! I have to give you and Margie koodos as well, you have done a great job teaching your kid where their food comes from and that it is hard work, by having yout own home garden !! Very cool !! LOve you all very much !!!

  2. Thanks for this post, Margie! My BF and I have been looking for a local source for grass-fed beef. I’ll be checking out Winterport!

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