Potatoes and garlic

Yep, potatoes and garlic. We harvested the last of our spring potatoes yesterday  as well as our garlic.

We started harvesting the potatoes a couple of weeks ago as the slugs continued to eat the plants. As a plant died, the potatoes were dug up. It was a small harvest this year and it was entirely my fault. Oh…I’m not beating myself up over it. I’ve simply finally learned–and agree with popular potato planting instructions–that you should build up from the potato plants.

For our last two crops, I have ignored this advice, choosing to simply–and quickly–bury the seed potatoes. No more. From now on, I will bury the seed potatoes, cover the ground with compost and cover the compost with straw. I’m tired of small yields. I want lots of potatoes!

The garlic, on the other hand, is magnificent. We may not need to buy anymore garlic for the rest of the year. Margie pulled up around 4o heads. We planted the garlic in a planter box in really good, rich soil. All of it grew wonderfully. Hopefully we’ll remember to save a few heads for our next garlic crop!

Yes, it's drying on our clothing line.

Oh…and somewhat related…I picked our first cherry tomato today. I found it before anyone else and simply had to eat it. The kids will get most of them (in fact, one of the cherry tomato plants was specifically planted for them). If the 100 degree heat isn’t indication enough that summer is here, certainly the cherry tomato is.


One thought on “Potatoes and garlic

  1. Actually, Bennett found it first and I wouldn’t let him pick it. I don’t know who’s more mean, me for not letting him pick it or you for stealing it out from under his nose. Mean Mommies!

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