Wrapping it up

A number of years ago I bought some reuseable sandwich wraps. While they’re all the rage these days, at that time they were quite novel. Margie and I used them for a few years until they finally had too many holes to protect the contents. At some point while using them, I went for a hike with a friend who had two young children. She loved the wraps and commented that she felt she could make them fairly easily. I don’t recall how I responded or if I did respond but I do recall thinking why make them if I could buy them.

Yes, well, things change. Two kids of my own later and fully ensconced in DIY-ness, I’m making my own sandwich/snack wraps. They’ve become rather pricey to buy and with a fabric stash large enough to supply many projects, making new wraps became the solution to our reuseable bag needs.

I made the pattern myself, using the dimensions from some wraps I found online (there are a few tutorials out there as well).

Two sizes.

For this project I simply needed some lightweight fabric and some type of waterproof fabric. My stash currently contains a couple of yards of oilcloth which is quite waterproof. Add some velcro, thread, and heavy duty sewing machine needles, and I had everything I needed for this project.

No matchy-matchy here.

I actually began this project months ago. (I’m really good at starting projects, but slow to finish them.) I picked this project up again today, cutting, placing, and sewing the velcro on the already cut-out pieces.

I really hope to finish this project this week. With 100 degree weather upon us, we’re having picnics poolside a few days a week and wraps are needed. I also hope to take many snacks on our travels in August (2 weeks in the midwest…more on this later). Besides, I have many other sewing projects to begin…


2 thoughts on “Wrapping it up

  1. I love the fabrics! Yours look great!
    I made some for a friend’s birthday somewhat recently, but my kids are now really into sandwiches, so it is time to make some for ourselves! I bought enough fabric, I think. Good thing, as it was on sale then and I just saw it at the same store for $20/yard!

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