What I love :: summer travel

Yay for summer! And the beginning of the summer travel season.

This is just a quick post about the first of two trips my family is taking this summer. We’re spending this week in Ashland, Oregon. I went to college in Ashland many years ago and have been returning regularly since. For the past few years, Margie’s job has brought her close to Ashland many times. This trip marks the third June in a row that the kids and I have joined her during one of her work trips. Fortunately for us, some very good friends of ours own a second home in Ashland and graciously let us stay here during our trips.

This week we’re enjoying spending time with Grammie (my mom, who joined us again this year), long walks in Lithia Park, playgrounds and spray parks, story time at the local library, concerts in the park, great shopping (seriously…good shoe stores, a fantastic fabric store, and an uber-helpful yarn store) and local, seasonal food which is just a little bit different from Sacramento’s current crops.

During our first trip here, two years ago, Adelaide was only 6 weeks old. She was completely portable, allowing me and Bennett to ramble all over Ashland while she dozed. Last year she had just turned one and had just begun to walk. This year she’s in full-blown toddlerhood and very frustrated to be in the stroller while her brother walks. All this is to say that instead of reminiscing about college while here, I find myself reminiscing about the last couple of years and how much changes during the first years of life.

All of this reflection is good and so appropriate with the change of the season. Summer has always been one of my favorite seasons. An entire blog could be dedicated to the travels my family and I took while I was growing up. While I love to remember and reflect on these adventures, I’m very excited about having new summer experiences with Margie and my kids.


Sadly, still no photos. The camera is still in the shop.


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