Preparing to retreat

Later today, I’ll be leaving for my first yoga retreat. I’m so excited. Four days (more or less) of yoga, hiking, canoeing, meditation, eating, and almost no responsibilities.

The day after I return, the whole family, and my mom, are headed to Ashland for a week. I’ll still be watching the kids, but I’ll have help from my mom during the day (while Margie is working). This, too, is a bit of a retreat. Help during the day…not at home with all of the things that could/should be done…in a town I love. A nice mini-vacation.

Why, when preparing to retreat, pamper, and take care of myself, however, does so much effort need to be put forth in order to leave. I know I’m not alone in this. In my house I am, but I know there are others out there with the same issues. The house needs to be straightened up and cleaned. The lawn must be mowed. The garden must be somewhat weed free. Over the years–especially since having kids–I’ve gotten better about taking things off of the to do list when I finally realized that I didn’t have time to accomplish everything I wanted.

So…for this set of travels, the house has been cleaned. The laundry is caught up. And the front yard has been mowed and trimmed. The dress I had hoped to make has not been made. There are lots of weeds in the garden. And the lawn in the backyard is in need of mowing.

Oh well…it’s time to retreat.


One thought on “Preparing to retreat

  1. A friend of mine recently told me about a perpetual to-do list of projects that his wife maintains, and adds to. It’s never ending. He said he has realized that rather than rushing through this project to get to the next project, and so on, he now takes his time and savors this project knowing that the next one will be waiting whenever he gets to it. Maybe not as much gets done, but that is OK. The shift in perspective has made a world of difference for him.

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