What I love :: city pools

Growing up, most summer mornings were spent at my hometown’s city pool. My siblings and I belonged to swim team. We’d wake up early every morning and ride our bikes to the pool. We’d dive into the the cold water and begin our practice.

These days, Margie enjoys the city pool near her office almost daily. The water is cold, which keeps me out of most city pools unless it’s really hot outside. This, however, doesn’t bother Midwest born and bred Margie or the river kayaker she is.

The kids love the wading pool in Land Park near Bennett’s pre-school. It’s just the right size for the I’m-still-learning-to-swim set and for the parents that don’t want to have to hover over their little ones constantly.

There are certainly things to be said against city pools. The chlorine, the hair, the accidents (you know what I mean), the waste of water in a dryish climate.  Nonetheless, city pools are one of the great perks of living in an urban environment.


Sacramento’s city pools have opened or are about to open for the season. Check out the city’s web site for locations and times.


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