Summertime :: fruit desserts

I’m generally a chocolate dessert person. The richer and more decadent the better. Margie–on the other hand–is a fruit dessert person. Any fruit will do. With summer fruit season in full swing (Margie bought cherries, apricots, blackberries, and peaches at the farmers market yesterday), there are almost too many options! (But not really, because fruit and dessert–even for the chocolate lover like me–is still a good combination and a decision–for the sake of the palate–can be made.)

So…for Mother’s Day, the kids and I gave Margie Rustic Fruit Desserts by Cory Schreiber and Julie Richardson. It’s full of  you–you guessed it–fruit desserts. Not any fruit dessert mind you, but rustic, non-pie desserts. Margie also loves to make pies. Sometimes, however, something a little less formal, relaxed, lazy–if you will–sounds better. Desserts like crumbles, bettys, bars, and pandowdies–which we have yet to try. Not only is this cookbook full of fruit desserts, but it’s divided by season. It presents the recipes in spring, summer, fall, and winter chapters. As locavore-snobs, we love this!

This weekend Margie and the kids make the cherry almond bars. We used cherries from a friend’s tree. Think lemon bar with cherries on top. Well…and almonds. As much as I love cherries, the almonds are what I really love about this recipe. The crust and topping have almonds in them and it adds a genuine feeling and taste of richness to the bars. The almonds also add a bit of nutritional value to the bars that simply isn’t found in a butter and flour crust. Yes, there’s a full cup of sugar in these bars, but there’s also calcium from the almonds!



By the way, Rustic Fruit Desserts has been out for some time. I first read about at Angry Chicken’s blog. Read her review, here.


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