As the needle sews…

Much sewing going on here these days. With the new season (it’s not raining anymore!), comes the need for warm weather clothing. In the last couple of days I’ve made the kids new pajama bottoms. Camisoles and tank tops were purchased at Target for pajama tops. Adelaide’s bottoms look like little boxer shorts. I traced a pair of her current pajama bottoms to make a pattern (thanks to a tutorial from Made By Rae demonstrating the mechanics).

Bennett’s bottoms are a shortened version of the pajama bottoms found in Heather Ross’ Weekend Sewing. I made him a couple of pairs last summer as well. Thankfully, they still fit and he only needs one additional set of pajamas this summer.

I’ve made myself a skirt, a tank top, a dress, and have plans for another dress. Like Adelaide’s pajama bottoms, I traced one of my existing skirts to make a pattern and used some knit jersey. Super comfy. I did the same with the tank top, but need to continue working on the tank top pattern if I decide to make anymore. It’s fine for around the house, but really shouldn’t be seen by anyone other than family. Ahem…

The dress I made is the Anna Tunic by Amy Butler. I’m not a very perfect seamstress, but I really did a good job on this. I love the fabric (Anna Maria Horner) and–as I mentioned–it turned out really well. I tend to forget, however, that I don’t really like clothing that’s too close to my neck. I will gladly wear this dress, but I don’t love it.

The dress I still plan to make is the Empire Dress from Anna Maria Horner. I can’t recall the name of the fabric, but it’s a non-denim, medium-denim colored cotton fabric that I purchased from my favorite local quilting store–Bearpaws and Hollyhocks.

Margie has also been sewing. She’s making a new skirt using a Favorite Things pattern. She’s working on a quilt for Adelaide’s big girl bed, as well. We have yet to purchase Adelaide’s bed, however, so she still has some time to work on this.

This is the perfect post for lots of pictures. As I mentioned in my last post, however, the camera is out of commission for a few weeks.  So…just imagine all of us in our lovely new summer clothes!


2 thoughts on “As the needle sews…

  1. I really want to make the Anna Tunic! Was the pattern eay to follow? I have yet to make any actual clothing for myself. Have you seen the Schoolhouse Tunic by Sew Liberated? Pretty cute.

    Bummer about the camera, I would love to see pics!

    Have you seen the new fabric from Heather Ross? Far Far Away, Chapter 2? I managed to get a fat quarter bundle and it should arrive soon. Yay!

    • The Anna Tunic pattern was easy to follow. I had a little trouble with the yoke, but it came together just as they explained it would.

      I really want the Schoolhouse Tunic pattern from Sew Liberated as well! I have her book but have only made one project so far.

      I was just looking at Far Far Away, 2! I’m thinking of getting some to make Adelaide a backpack (Made by Rae has a tutorial). Eighteen dollars a yard, however, makes me pause…

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