Modern conveniences

Our dishwasher isn’t working. That is, our automatic dishwasher isn’t working. My two hands are working just fine and after two days without a dishwasher, are getting use to this new rhythm. It’s been kind of nice. The lack of a dishwasher forces me to clean up right away. Granted this is something I generally do, but staring at a sink full of dirty dishes from meals and snacks really makes it imperative (well…to me).

Don’t get me wrong, I am looking forward to a fully functional dishwasher again. The repair person is coming on Thursday. But, there is something simple, slow, and mindful about washing each and every dish and knowing that they’re already clean.

Our camera is also broken. It will be out of commission for 2-3 weeks. We would really like a new camera, but the $37 fix-it price is much more appealing than the $650 price tag on a new camera. Sigh…

Oh…and the plumber was just here. He left with some of our money, but the problem is fixed.

Perhaps I should have entitled this post “The joys of being a grown-up and owning things.”


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