Growing like a weed

Oh, my. How the garden grows. The heat that has finally arrived in Northern California is working its magic on the summer vegetables. Not to mention the fact that we’re finally watering our garden enough.

The tomatoes have many blooms.

We have more squash plants than we know what to do with and we’ll have an ample supply of beans this summer.

We were a bit worried about the melons, but seedlings have finally sprouted.

Yes, that's Sluggo around the seedling.

Our pepper plants are also taking off which brings us great joy. We’re generally unable to enjoy peppers until late August or September. We have high hopes for this year’s harvest.

The corn and pumpkins have also sprouted. Just a few stalks of corn at the moment, but many pumpkins.

Oh…and the weeds. With ample watering (actually…with just a little bit of water) the weeds are prolific. We’re out there weekly with the hoe and on our hands and knees dislodging the weeds. And don’t even get me started with the slugs. A wet spring provides excellent breeding conditions for the little, but ravenous mollusks.

So far so good!


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