A step toward balance :: scheduling

For the last few months, I’ve been participating in Which Name’s A Step Toward Balance. It’s an attempt to be  mindful by focusing–a bit more–on one aspect of life. The first month I chose meditation. The second and third months, sleep. Meditation is going well, but I’m still working on getting to bed earlier.

For June, I’m going to focus on not over-committing myself and my family. This is the last summer before we enter the school years. Bennett starts kindergarten in the fall and I’m already getting anxious about the schedule that we will now be living by, not to mention the addition of PTA meetings, fundraisers, and the like to our lives.

Despite the carefree feelings that summer generally brings, we’re already finding much of our time scheduled this summer. I’m going on a 4-day yoga retreat in June, followed by a week-long family trip to Ashland, and we’re planning on spending 2 weeks in the midwest this August. Then…there are the weekends that we’re “home.” Those weekends are quickly filling up and I’ve already found myself having to say no to a few activities.

So…for June (and the rest of summer, really), I hope to continue saying, “no.” Before saying yes to dinner invites, parties, and yoga sub opportunities, I intend to review our family’s schedule and really think about whether or not we have the time and energy for the activity. I wrote about this a bit here, but in terms of my family’s weekend rhythm. It’s now time extend this mindset to the rest of the week.


3 thoughts on “A step toward balance :: scheduling

  1. Sleep is such a tough one. I am still working on it too. (And here it is after 11pm. Go to bed, Nicola!)
    Anyway, smart smart thinking on not over-scheduling. We are just winding down kindergarten and not only am I floored by how fast the year went, but now at the end of it, I have my first giddiness about summer that I have had in years. I am ready for it, for the lack of scheduling. I purposely didn’t sign my daughter up for camps or anything, for this reason.
    Good luck. Love the new blog look!

    • Thanks, Nicola! Any tips can you send my way in transitioning to the school years, would be greatly appreciated.

      I’m still getting use to the new blog look. I like it, but I think I want something really, really simple which I can’t seem to find on WordPress. Blogspot seems like a good option, but I’m not sure I want to spend the time transferring everything over. Besides…it’s only a blog.

      • Oh, I wouldn’t switch to Blogger! WordPress has so many nice features that I have had to cobble together on Blogger. (Have had my blog for 3 years and haven’t wanted to transfer everything over, either!)

        I have to think on the advice, thing. I think it differs based on family, child’s temperament, and the school day/requirements. My daughter’s day was long for a kindergartner and will be even longer as a 1st grader, but she is getting so many things that other public school aren’t getting anymore. I do not have her signed up for anything else and have had to catch myself and stop from comparing to friends whose kids are in all sorts of “extras.”

        The transition was long and hard for our little one, but it has gone so quickly. Sniff.


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