It’s blueberry season in Northern California! The Sunday farmers market under the freeway in Sacramento has a few vendors. And yesterday we received the email from the farm we support, that our blueberries were ready for pick-up. We drive to Calaveras County and purchase our berries from Blue Sky Blueberries. Their patch is small–less than an acre–and tucked away in the Sierra Nevada foothills just south of Lake Camanche.

We are very fortunate to be able to enjoy 2 blueberry seasons. Margie is from the midwest. We spend a couple of weeks in Michigan most summers right around the upper-Midwest’s blueberry season (August). The timing of season #2 generally coincides with the time we run out of our late May/early June harvest. Blueberries are much less expensive in Michigan than California, allowing us to purchase twice as much as we can in California. Our midwest harvest lasted until almost Christmas last year.

With our early summer blueberries we’ll be making many muffins and desserts. Pies, cobblers, and the like. We’ll also be eating them by the handful as Adelaide and I did on the way home from Blue Sky Blueberries today.

No pictures. I forgot to take the camera with us to the farm. I really wanted to snap a photo of Adelaide picking a blueberry. She did pick some and it was really cute. So…just think of a chubby little blond girl kneeling down and trying to pick a white, unripe berry and her mother telling her no…


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