Three sisters

Well…2 for now. The three sisters are known as corn, squash, and beans. Eaten together–in one meal–so I hear–they make a complete protein. I’ve also heard that Native Americans use to (and perhaps some still do) plant them together in order for the sisters to support one another as they grew. The squash grows around the bottom. The corn grows on top, and the beans curl around the corn using the stalks like a trellis.

Earlier this week, we planted 2 of the 3 sisters. Corn and pumpkins. We’ll plant the beans after the corn appears.

First, we prepped the bed. We used the space previously occupied by our fava beans. Despite the good stuff the fava beans are suppose to have left in the soil, I added a bit of composted chicken manure for good measure.

We then made 3 mounds in which to plant the seeds.

With the mounds in place, we poked holes for each of the seeds, planting the pumpkins around the bottom, but within the mounds, and the corn on top.

We finished to project by placing some straw around the mounds to serve as mulch.

I’ve been excited about this for weeks which doesn’t always mean the kids will be. Both of them, however, got completely into it. We planted a yellow sweet corn and 2 kinds of pumpkins: a jack o’lantern pumpkin and a sugar pumpkin good for cooking.

There’s a song about the 3 sisters which I had planned on using to end this post. I can’t find it online or in any of our Waldorf-inspired books. If anyone knows it, please send it my way.


One thought on “Three sisters

  1. Check out this website….no song, but interesting things that apply to what you are doing…….lots of fun things to do with the kids….love to all!

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