More celebrating

My littleist one turned 2 today.  We had a relatively normal day. At 2 she still has very little concept of it being her birthday. Every time someone wished her happy birthday today, a slightly puzzled look crossed her face. She was, however, quite a bit more aware of gifts at this birthday than last year or this past Christmas. It’s nice when they’re blissfully unaware, but it’s also nice to see a bit of excitement over something you–as the parent–is so excited to be giving your child.

We tried to limit gifts. We just had family over celebrate (a few days ago), which really limited the volume of gifts. Margie, Bennett, and I also tried to be very intentional and thoughtful about our gifts to her. Overall we did okay, but it still seemed like she received more than she needed. We’ll keep working on it…

The one gift I’ll mention–which I can take no credit in–is the rocking boat my mother and Margie made her. If you’re familiar with Waldorf toys and/or have seen a Waldorf classroom, this will be familiar. One side is shaped like a half moon, allowing the toy to rock back and forth. The other side is built with steps and can be used like a stage or platform. Adelaide’s a bit small for the rocking portion, but really enjoys climbing up and down. Bennett loves it as much as Adelaide does which is an added bonus.

One more celebration this week. Bennett “graduates” from preschool on Friday. He attends a city-run preschool program at a local playground. He’s been there since he was 3. The school will be having a party on Friday complete with BBQ, bounce house, and a concert by a local children’s musician. One of Bennett’s classmates is hosting a pool party afterward. Oh my…these things start early!


4 thoughts on “More celebrating

    • Margie–the engineer that she is–took the overall dimensions from a site that sells them online and then figured out how big everything should be. She couldn’t find any plans to purchase. The cuts are pretty simple and Margie could probably write down everything she did.

      • Yeah – that engineering brain!! I’ll have to ask her about it. My therapist brain just doesn’t work like that 🙂

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