Mama’s got a new bag

I really like shoes. I also really like bags. I can’t make shoes, but I can make bags. So, I do. And I mean bags. Not purses. Bags that can hold stuff. Diapers–because we’re still in that stage–small knitting projects, a planner, phone, children’s sweaters, etc.

In the past 18 months or so, I’ve made four bags. Yes, it’s a bit excessive, but they’re all used for different purposes and on a regular basis. Two are big, wide-mouthed, tote type bags. They’re used for picnics, swim lessons, and other activities that require lots of bulky things. I used a pattern from Heather RossWeekend Sewing for these. The third bag is technically a diaper bag, but I use it as a messenger bag when riding my bike. It doesn’t have a diaper bag look to it, but it’s nice and deep with a large strap. This bag was made using an Amy Butler pattern.

And now the fourth bag. I made it last week and absolutely love it. I would make a few changes if I were to make it again, but I love the overall design of the bag, the size, and the fabric I used. This bag pattern is in Amy Karol’s Bend-the-Rules-Sewing. I can’t remember the name of either of the fabrics I used, but I did buy them at Bolt in Portland while visiting last month.

I’m rather backed up on sewing projects at the moment. This bag was not a priority (I have three other perfectly good backs, you know), but it felt really good to sew it and even better when it was finished. A little birthday present to myself!


2 thoughts on “Mama’s got a new bag

  1. You know, I have been searching for a tote bag pattern all day! I have some fab Heather Ross Mendocino fabric that is begging to be made into a bag 🙂 I also just made the Flower Girl Dress from the Weekend Sewing. Really great pattern! Do you have any photos of the other bags you made? I would love to see them!

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