What I love :: spring weather

At the moment this is more of a love/hate relationship. But in the spirit of positive thinking and the knowledge that speaking (typing) of that which you dislike makes the issue easier, I’m going to write about spring weather.

You see, I suffer from allergies. Apparently, so do my children. So much so, that my children’s sneezes and runny noses have turned into an ear infection and seasonal asthma. We’re eating honey. We’re drinking elderberry syrup when we remember and now we’re taking antibiotics and inhaling branchodilators.

With blue skies, colorful blooms, and green hills, comes upper respiratory discomfort. I suppose it’s the yin/yang of things. Thankfully everyone is in good spirits and enjoying the loveliness that spring has to offer. Seventy-five degree days! New life! Vegetable starts! Dog walking and wagon riding in the evenings!

Ah (choo) spring!


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