Summer Vegetable Garden

It’s in! Whew! We had more rain last week which made me doubtful we’d actually get the plot cleared and planted, but we did it. We spent Friday afternoon digging in the dirt, clearing the weeds, and adding manure. Simply prepping the soil.

Our plot isn’t huge. Just under 10’X10′. Most of the plot is in the ground. We have to raised beds over some tree roots we haven’t been ready to clear. One of the beds still has garlic in it and was left alone.

On Saturday, we planted–seeds and seedlings. The kids really got into it. Bennett successfully dug holes, and removed seedlings from containers. Adelaide just walked around stepping on plants and singing.

While we planted, Margie worked on the irrigation lines. With each new season comes new leaks to be fixed. The necessary lines seem to be working for now. Despite our wet winter, much irrigating will be necessary this summer.

Oh my…the slugs! Troughs of beer may be laid out soon. They’ve already eaten one basil plant and a previously planted potato plant. We find that Sluggo works well, but I’m hesitant to use it with little ones running around. Any other ideas?

I previously posted what we intended to plant…and plant we did. I will add that an entire cherry tomato plant is being given to the kids. No worries about fruit consumption in our household!


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