What I love :: biking around town

A mid-week reminder of why I like living where I live. In an attempt to get myself writing more regularly and to better appreciate the urban environment in which I live, I’ll be writing regularly about something or some place I love in and around Sacramento.

Truth be told, I have mixed feelings about living and raising my kids in an urban environment. I grew up in a small town in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. It was very Mayberry-ish. I *think* I can honestly say that my continued interest in small town living isn’t completely sentimental. There are definitely perks: knowing many of the townsfolk; going to school with the same kids year after year; the ease of community involvement. And in terms of my hometown, the hills. I love hills and mountains. I love looking out a window to see something rising up out of the ground. I love walking and riding my bike up-hill (really).

Aye…but there lies the rub. Riding a bike up a hill while towing 80 pounds of children and a bike trailer. It’s one thing to ride up a hill on a snazzy carbon fiber road bike. It’s entirely different to do it while towing and on a seventeen year-old, heavy-metal framed bike. What I love: riding my bike around Sacramento.

Sacramento is flat. Very flat. There’s one small rise between our house and my son’s preschool (and just about anywhere I want to ride my bike). It’s just enough to wake up the thighs and warm me up for the rest of the ride.  I could not tow my children around my hometown or to the county seat which is the commercial hub of the county. In Sacramento I can.

Not only do I ride my son to school, but also to yoga classes, some stores, hair appointments, and friends’ houses. Sacramento has lots of bike lanes and Google now provides bike routes for Sacramento. There’s also a very active bicycle coalition that advocates for bike lanes, bike safety laws, and increased bike ridership.

As much as I would love to look out my window and see some contours, I’m quite content with how flat things are. I can visit the hills anytime I want, but I wouldn’t be able to travel around town on my 2 wheels.

They're just posing for this photo. Everyone wears a helmet when we ride.


3 thoughts on “What I love :: biking around town

  1. This is Brenna, Carey’s sister 🙂

    We have a Chariot too and I have been wanting to pick up the bike attachment lately. I also need to get my bike tuned up.

    I too miss the mountains from time to time (we used to live in Jackson Hole, WY). Austin has hills but not where we live. I think it would be SO fun to take Hunter (my son) for a ride around town!!

    • Hi Brenna! I remember Carey mentioning that you had a Chariot and that you use to take it cross-country skiing. We’ve never been so bold. I doubt we could handle their weight while skiing, but we certainly found that inspiring!

      The bike attachment is great! I fear our time towing is limited, as well. We’ve almost maxed out the weight capacity with both of them in it.

      Completely unrelated…I’m finally getting around to knitting socks with the yarn I bought from you. I started but stopped because I couldn’t manage the size 1 metal DPNs. I now have size 1 bamboo DPNs and am optimistic that I’ll have an easier go of it.

  2. I SO miss cross country skiing!

    Sometimes when I am running with the Hunter in the Chariot up hill, I wonder how people do it with two! I love it when Hunter says to me “Faster Mommy, Faster!” hahaha

    That’s great about the socks! Bamboo can be a lot easier to manage. I really am not a fan of small needles. Ever heard of Magic Loop? One day when you are feeling brave give it a go! You only use one long circular needle. It’s like magic!

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