Summer Garden Preparation

It’s happening! Removal of the spring garden has finally begun. I spent yesterday afternoon harvesting our remaining peas, chard, and spinach. The pea trellis came down. Invasive mint was removed, and the lemon grass patch was weeded. The bulk of the work, however, still remains. There are lots of weeds. Ground needs to be dug. Manure needs to be purchased and added to the soil.

All of our seeds have been purchased. Over the past few growing seasons, we’ve bought our seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. They have an amazing variety of veggies and herbs that can’t be found at most nurseries. The Baker Creek website is easy to use. They also ship quickly and always add a free package of seeds.

For summer, we’re planting cucumbers, and a couple types of summer squash and melons from seed. We’ll also keep the cilantro, parsley, carrots, and beets going. Oh…and basil. Must have basil!

We’ve not had much luck with tomato, eggplant, and pepper transplants so we’ll be purchasing these as seedlings. Our local farmers’ market has a number of seedlings in stock and we plan to invest in these fruits and veggies this weekend.

It is suppose to rain again this week. I’m optimistic that it won’t be downpours in the afternoons which are my prime gardening times. I plan to complete the removal–weeds and all–during the week, purchase the manure, and get ready for a big workday on Saturday. Soil will be turned, and seeds and plants placed in the ground.

Another season begins.


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