Weekend Rhythm

Oh…weekends. It’s so nice to be home as a family on weekends. It’s also nice to have parental back-up. And…it’s nice to know that I can get away for a bit myself.

Weekends can also be busy. Too busy. And it feels that many of our upcoming weekends are getting busy. Too busy. We tend to limit our weekday activities so that we’re not running all over the place every day. For example, Bennett attends preschool 3 mornings a week and swim lessons 2 afternoons a week. That’s all in terms of organized activities. (Adelaide is the typical second child; no specific classes for her yet.) We try to keep non-school mornings low-key and at least one morning a week we don’t go anywhere. We stay home all morning or walk to a nearby park with a wooded area.

With spring weather finally starting to appear and summer quickly approaching, it’s so easy to commit to outdoor activities on the weekends. To spend time with friends and barbeque. There’s simply something about dry, warm weather that makes folks congregate. And that’s great. And I think it’s the natural order of things as the days get longer.

It doesn’t mean, however, that we need to say yes to everything. The time has come to really discuss our weekend rhythm. I’m not sure what this will look like but I think it should include some dedicated family time at home doing nothing. It will also require some pre-planning on our part and communication about what’s really important for a particular weekend, individual family member(s), and the family as a whole.

So…if we say no to an up-coming invitation, this is why. Please don’t take it personally.


One thought on “Weekend Rhythm

  1. Downtime is certainly on everyone’s mind lately: This post, my most current, Michelle’s silent at home retreat.

    Great minds think alike!

    I struggle with saying no to activites that get friends together. I gain so much from the connection with others, but I sure do need solitude to fully recharge.

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